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Child Support Evader Darryl White

Child Support Evader Darryl White By Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Last Address Lubbock, TX Occupation General Laborer Born 02/16/61 Height 5’ 8” Weight 190 Color of Eyes Brown Color of Hair Black Race African American Attorney General Greg Abbott needs your help locating Child Support Evader Darryl White, one of the Most Wanted Child Support Evaders in Texas. White, who was put on the Child Support Evader’s list in January 2007, owes $43,000 for the care of a son in Houston. White’s location is unknown, but he has relatives in the Lubbock area and may be found in the area. In 1990, White was ordered to pay $125 a month in child support. He did not follow his court order and by Sept. 2000 owed more than $22,000 for the care of his children. White was given many chances to catch up on his child support and avoid jail time. In July 2004, White was arrested for failing to honor an agreement to make a $1,000 payment toward his child support debt. By Sept. 2004, the debt grew to more than $34,000. White is wanted for failing to appear at a Feb. 2005 compliance hearing. He has not paid child support in three years, when he made a partial payment of $31.17 in June 2004. This delinquent father has turned his back on his son by refusing to provide financial assistance all children need to succeed in life. Due to missed payments and interest that accrues on unpaid child support, White now owes $43,045 in unpaid child support. Investigators from the Attorney General’s Office have searched the state for White. Contact the Attorney General’s Office at 1-866-EVADERS (382-3377) to report information that could lead to the arrest of Darryl White. The Child Support Evaders are selected because they have the ability to take responsibility for their children, but refuse to do so. Incarceration is the only option for parents who flagrantly ignore a court’s order to pay child support. The Attorney General’s Office helps parents who lack the ability to pay child support by referring them to job training and employment services. Visit the agency’s Web site to find out about other Child Support Evaders, and to obtain information about the Attorney General’s Child Support Division. POINTS TO REMEMBER MOST WANTED EVADERS For a parent to be named as a Most Wanted Child Support Evader: • Court-ordered delinquent support must be in excess of $5,000 • Arrest warrant must have been issued for non-support • Location of non-custodial parent is unknown • Parent has not made any payments in the last six months • Non-custodial parent must not be involved in bankruptcy proceedings • Non-custodial parent must not be receiving welfare benefits In order to make child support information public, the custodial parent must sign a confidentiality waiver. 1-866-EVADERS (382-3377)