Ken Paxton

Scam E-mails

Thursday, May 1, 2003
New attempts to steal consumers' financial information continue to surface. Consumers frquently receive e-mails requesting personal financial information that appear to be from reputable companies, but are not. Don't be fooled! Legitimate companies work hard to provide security and privacy so that you can continue to enjoy the convenience of doing business on-line. They do NOT contact customers and solicit "updates" to their financial and personal information. If you receive a communication from anyone, even a person who claims to represent a company with which you do business, requesting your personal and financial information, STOP. Contact the company yourself by telephone do not use links or mailers provided in the e-mail you have received. The company will probably want you to forward the message you received to their security department. No legitimate business will contact you to ask for personal or financial information. Read more on our ID Theft page and on our website