Ken Paxton

"Texas Health Department" Shopping Spree is a Scam

Monday, December 19, 2005
Consumers report that they have received calls from someone claiming to be from the "Texas Health Department." The caller tells the consumer that he or she has won a $1000 shopping spree and health insurance. The caller then tries to extract personal financial information.

[Listen to an actual call here. (Windows Media Audio file)]

The Texas Department of State Health Services (this is the correct name of the agency) provides health, mental health and substance abuse services to Texans. It does not have a program to give away shopping sprees or insurance. The call is a scam and a trick to get your banking information. As always, I urge you to beware of strangers calling to offer you money. Invariably, you will find that they want YOU to give THEM money. And you should never give personal information to a person who calls you and asks for it for any reason whatsoever.

I wish you a safe and happy holiday.