Ken Paxton

Identity Theft Alert

Friday, April 4, 2003
The Office of the Attorney General has received inquiries about a suspicious e-mail that purports to be from VISA. One such e-mail, forwarded to us by a cardholder, informs the cardholder that his credit card information is “out of order.” The cardholder is required to “update” his “billing records” to avoid “possible suspension” of his credit card. The e-mail then solicits information such as his name as it appears on his card, his mother’s maiden name, Social Security Number, expiration date, credit card limit, bank name and account number, PIN number, and other details that would enable a thief to loot the cardholder’s bank account and charge his card to the maximum amount. No legitimate bank or credit card company would request this information by way of an e-mail. Regard with extreme suspicion any unsolicited contact by e-mail, or by phone for that matter, from any individual claiming to be a bank or credit card representative and asking for your personal and financial information. For more information about what can happen when your personal and financial information falls into the wrong hands, read our ID Theft page and visit our website