Ken Paxton

Beware of "recovery" scam

Friday, December 5, 2003
A consumer recently contacted us to say that she had been victimized by scammers who called her posing as employees of her bank, to see if she had received new checks. When she said she had not, they tricked her into telling them her account number. The callers (who were not actually connected to the bank in any way) then debited money from her account. Fortunately, the bank cancelled the debit, and the consumer did not lose money.

But then the consumer received a second call, supposedly from an organization in another state that was recovering money on behalf of defrauded consumers through a lawsuit. The caller claimed that he had restitution to deposit in her account. He asked for her account number. This time, the consumer knew better than to give out her personal financial information. Other consumers have not been so lucky. Faced with disastrous losses to con artists, some distraught victims gamble again, hoping that someone really can recover their lost savings for them. The sad fact is, they are victimized a second time.

Do not give your account number to someone who calls you, no matter who they say they are. Your bank will not call you and ask for your account number. If you want to transact business by phone, look up the number yourself and place the call, so you will know for sure who is at the other end of the line.