Ken Paxton

"Gas Coupons" an Excuse to Get Bank Account Numbers

Monday, June 21, 2004
Our office has recently heard that telemarketers are calling households in Texas offering $200 worth of gas coupons for $3.95. Reportedly, the caller is very slick and convincing, with smooth answers to every possible question. The key is, he wants the consumer's bank account number so he can receive payment directly from the account.

We cannot say it enough: consumers should NEVER give out their personal identifying information or financial information to anyone they do not know. Be suspicious of anyone who calls you and then asks for that kind of information. Don't be pressured. Don't be tempted by grand offers. And don't be fooled by a caller who has all the logical answers.

They called you. You didn't call them. You do not know who they are. Be safe: HANG UP!