Ken Paxton

Senior Alerts

12/14/2011 Have A Safe And Happy Holiday
03/18/2009 Attorney General Abbott Warns Of Grandparent Scam
10/22/2008 National Protect Your Identity Week
10/25/2007 Reverse Mortgage Offers
11/16/2006 Have a Safe and Joyful Holiday
08/01/2006 Consumers Should Do Their Homework Before Investing in Gold Coins
06/22/2006 Victims Sometimes Arrested for Passing Counterfeit Checks
03/07/2006 Seniors Scammed by Phony Checks
10/18/2005 New Medicare Plan Helps Pay For Prescription Drugs
07/14/2005 Phony Officials Pretend to "Verify" Sweepstakes, Lotteries
04/13/2005 Beware of Shady Door-to-Door Repairmen
02/09/2005 Don't Get Hooked by Consumer Fraud
12/09/2004 Have a Safe and Happy Holiday
10/26/2004 Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors
08/19/2004 Five Warning Signs of a Scam
06/24/2004 Bogus "Consumer Protection Group" Tries to Trick Seniors into Giving out Sensitive Information
06/21/2004 Work-At-Home Scam Targets Seniors
05/11/2004 "Security Alert" - "Verify Your Information!"
04/08/2004 Medicare Discount Cards - <BR>Don't Let The Crooks Cash In
02/04/2004 Don't Fall for the Big Five
12/16/2003 Beware "Tax Reduction" Fees
11/25/2003 ‘No-Call’ Violators Sued
10/14/2003 Beware of Unethical Sales of Living Trusts, Annuities
07/28/2003 Phony Lotteries and Sweepstakes
07/15/2003 Beware of Roof and Home Repair Rip-offs, Price Gouging in wake of storm
07/03/2003 Con Artists Rob Elderly Woman with Complicated "Pigeon Drop" Scam
05/20/2003 Phony Lotteries, Sweepstakes Steal from Elderly
03/24/2003 “Free Wheelchair” Scam
03/03/2003 Richmond Woman Dodges Spanish Lottery Scam
02/03/2003 Phony Canadian Lottery Steals from Elderly
01/30/2003 Police Warn: Con Man Posing as Utility Worker
01/29/2003 Door-To-Door Repair Scam Update
01/23/2003 Scam Repair Artists Targeting Seniors Statewide
01/09/2003 "Roof Repairmen" Attempt to Rob Elderly Houston Woman
12/01/2002 What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

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