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Law Enforcement Updates

12/01/2014 NCMEC Honors Law Enforcement Team that Rescued Missing Teen and her Baby
10/01/2014 Crime Prevention Month: Be Proactive in Response to Data Security Breaches
09/01/2014 Preventing Bullying and Cyber Bullying
08/01/2014 Central Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force: The State’s Front Line on Terrorism
07/01/2014 Operation Broken Heart Targets Child Predators
04/01/2014 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Celebrates Progress, Works toward Future Goals
02/03/2014 Teen Dating Violence and Digital Abuse: Recognize the Signs
01/02/2014 Child Support Enforcement Brings Hope to Texas Families
11/01/2013 Office of the Attorney General, Children’s Advocacy Centers Unite to Help Young Crime Victims
10/01/2013 Human Trafficking Criminal Justice Manual
08/01/2013 Outsmarting Online Child Predators
07/01/2013 Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Laws Update
06/03/2013 Rebuilding and Recovering after Tragedies
05/01/2013 Serving to Protect Texas Children
04/01/2013 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week: New Challenges, New Solutions
03/01/2013 Working Together to Fight Medicaid Fraud
02/01/2013 Texas Law Enforcement Response to Human Trafficking
10/09/2012 Sweepstakes Cafés Lose Gamble against Texas Laws
07/19/2012 Criminal, Civil Medicaid Fraud Teams Protect Texas Taxpayers
06/04/2012 Tools for the Fight against Crime
05/01/2012 Protecting Senior Texans: Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
04/05/2012 Extending the Vision: Reaching Every Victim
03/01/2012 Law Enforcement, MFCU Fight Medicaid Fraud across Texas
02/01/2012 When Well-Traveled Roads Find Justice
01/06/2012 Child Support Enforcement Brings Hope to Texas Families
12/01/2011 Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance
11/02/2011 Joining Forces during Natural Disasters
10/03/2011 National Crime Prevention Month: “Circle of Respect”
09/01/2011 Criminal, Civil Medicaid Fraud Teams Protect Texas Taxpayers
08/01/2011 Sexting Prevention Legislation Signed Into Law
07/01/2011 Keeping Young Texans Safe on Digital Playgrounds This Summer
06/01/2011 Preventing Bullying and Cyber Bullying
05/02/2011 Electronic Data Security Breaches: Take a Police Report
04/01/2011 Sexual Assault Awareness Month
03/01/2011 Sexting Bill Introduced to Texas Lawmakers
02/01/2011 Multi-jurisdictional Effort Seeks Forfeiture Of $250,000 in Gold Coins for Texas Medicaid Program
01/03/2011 Child Support Enforcement Brings Hope to Texas Families
12/01/2010 Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance
11/10/2010 Multi-Jurisdictional Effort to Minimize Danger of Sex Offenders
10/01/2010 Observing National Crime Prevention Month
09/01/2010 The Fight to Protect Texans
08/02/2010 A Victory for the Second Amendment
07/01/2010 Tools for the Fight Against Crime
06/01/2010 Census Workers in Neighborhoods
05/05/2010 Protecting Texas Seniors
04/01/2010 Crime Victims’ Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect.
03/01/2010 Attorney General Warns Teens, Parents about Sexting Dangers
02/01/2010 Dangerous Ramifications of Sexting
01/04/2010 Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force to Hold First Meeting
12/01/2009 Working Together to Keep Children Safe Online
11/03/2009 Criminal, Civil Medicaid Fraud Teams Protect Texas Taxpayers
10/01/2009 Funding Medical Exams for Sexual Assault Victims
09/04/2009 Tracking Registered Sex Offenders’ Use of Technology
06/02/2009 Fugitive Unit Tallies 1,000th Child Sex Offender Arrest
05/01/2009 Protecting Texas Seniors from Fraud
04/01/2009 Tools for the Fight Against Crime
03/02/2009 Risks & Consequences: Keeping up with Wireless Device Safety
02/04/2009 Attorney General Offers Resources for Victims of Teen Dating Violence
12/03/2008 Law Enforcement Charities Help Kids Have a Merry Christmas
10/01/2008 Five Warning Signs of a Scam
09/09/2008 Working Together to Keep Texas Children Strong and Healthy
08/01/2008 Keeping Texas Children Safe Online
07/03/2008 Working Together to Find Justice for Texas Families
06/03/2008 Cracking Down on International Driver’s License Scams
05/02/2008 Law Enforcement, MFCU Fight Medicaid Fraud Across Texas
04/02/2008 “Justice for Victims, Justice for All”
03/03/2008 Keeping the Pressure on MySpace
02/01/2008 Fugitive Unit Expansion Continues AG’s Partnership with Local Law Enforcement
01/03/2008 Child Support Enforcement Brings Hope to Texas Families
12/03/2007 Five Holiday Scams Texans Should Avoid
11/05/2007 Fighting Mortgage-Related Scams
10/02/2007 Law Enforcement, Crime Victim Advocates Help Strengthen Communities
09/04/2007 September Brings New Criminal Laws to Texas
08/01/2007 “Badge Fraud” Robs Consumers, Peace Officers
07/02/2007 Attorney General Opinions Provide Guidance to Law Enforcement
06/01/2007 Attorney General Targets Improper Document Dumping
05/01/2007 Protecting Texans from Medicaid Fraud
04/02/2007 Texas Crime Victim Compensation Fund is for Peace Officers, Too
03/01/2007 Advance Fee Fraud Continues to Harm Texans
02/01/2007 Combating Gang Activity and Youth Crime
01/02/2007 Fighting Crime With Computer Forensics
12/05/2006 Reminder to Complete Open Government Training
11/02/2006 Strengthening Texas Families Through Child Support Enforcement
10/02/2006 October Law Enforcement Update from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
09/01/2006 Update on the ERCOT Corruption Case
08/01/2006 Electronic Data Security Breaches: Take a Police Report
07/05/2006 Counterfeit U.S. Postal Money Order Scam
06/01/2006 Warning Families About Online Predators
05/01/2006 Working Together to Protect Senior Texans
04/03/2006 Victims’ Rights: Strength in Unity
03/01/2006 Let’s stamp out Voter Fraud in Texas
02/01/2006 Collaborative Efforts Result in Arrests of Violent Louisiana Fugitives
01/02/2006 New Law Requires Open Government Training
12/07/2005 Attorney General Works with Local Law Enforcement to Fund Crime Victim Positions
11/10/2005 New Law Makes It Easier to Prosecute Online Child Predators
10/04/2005 New ID Theft Law Requires Officers to Take Police Report
09/01/2005 Wiping Out Fraudulent Liens
08/01/2005 $29 Million Body Armor Private Class Action Settlement Gains Preliminary Approval
07/01/2005 Keep Kids Safe on the Internet
06/01/2005 Concealed Handgun License Recognition
04/01/2005 Public Corruption Thwarted at ERCOT
03/01/2005 Attorney General Can Help You Tackle Money Laundering by Drug Dealers
02/01/2005 Teamwork Puts Fugitives Away
01/01/2005 Failure To Pay Child Support Can Be A Criminal Offense
12/01/2004 Nuisance Abatement: Civil Suits a Powerful Tool for Law Enforcement
11/01/2004 AG Opinion: Law Allows Peace Officers to be Paid for Off-Duty Employment
10/01/2004 Law Enforcement Can Help Victims of Identity Theft
09/01/2004 Zylon bullet-proof vests pose threat to police officer safety
08/01/2004 Mobile Crimes Unit Joins the Hunt for Sexual Predators
07/01/2004 Gangs Still a Concern
06/01/2004 Texas Law Enforcement of Critical Importance to Our Mission
05/01/2004 Discounts, Matching Funds May Be Available to Replace Defective Body Armor
04/01/2004 Cracking down on Abuse, Fraud in Nursing Homes and the Medicaid Provider Community
03/01/2004 Illegal Lotteries are Serious Threats
02/01/2004 Counterfeit Cashier's Check Scam
01/01/2004 Identity Crime a Growing Threat to Texans
11/01/2003 Attorney General Opinions
10/01/2003 Protecting Children from Fugitive Parolees, Predators
08/01/2003 How the Office of the Attorney General helps Texas law enforcement agencies, personnel
07/01/2003 The law enforcement community can help locate child support evaders
06/01/2003 Texas Internet bureau can help communities fight child predators
05/01/2003 May 2003: Older Americans Month
04/01/2003 Victims' Rights: Fulfill the Promise
03/01/2003 Senior Alerts: Because what you don't know CAN hurt you
02/01/2003 A police report is crucial in cases of identity theft
11/30/1999 Texas Law Enforcement Response to Human Trafficking
11/30/1999 Working Together to Fight Medicaid Fraud
11/30/1999 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week: New Challenges, New Solutions
11/30/1999 Serving to Protect Texas Children

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