Ken Paxton
Senior Texans

Richmond Woman Dodges Spanish Lottery Scam

PHONY PROMOTERS CLAIMING TO REPRESENT THE SPANISH EL GORDO LOTTERY could not fool a woman from Richmond, Texas, who reported the scam to our Houston regional consumer protection office. The woman received a notification from Madrid claiming that she had won more than half a million dollars. The woman was asked to provide personal and banking account information.

The scam's intended victim noted that she had never entered a Spanish Lottery, and had no idea how the scammers had gotten her name and address. The notice claimed she was one of 15 international winners. Wisely, she reported the scam to us, and our office sent her information directly to the FBI.

Our Houston office reports that another Texas woman was not so lucky. She lost almost $7,000 trying to collect from this bogus sweepstakes. Please, do not believe a notice that you have won a fabulous sum of money from a foreign lottery! Do not provide your financial or personal information to anyone claiming to have a prize for you. If it sounds too good to be true, you can be pretty sure it is not true. Let's put these scammers out of business!


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