Ken Paxton
Senior Texans

Police Warn: Con Man Posing as Utility Worker

GALVESTON POLICE REPORT that an elderly man lost nearly $9,000 to a con artist posing as a utility company employee. The suspect told the victim he was investigating a power outage. The suspect allegedly advised the victim that his electrical system needed to be replaced, and convinced him to write a check for the estimated repair cost. Instead of returning to work on the house, the suspect allegedly went straight to the man's bank and cashed the check.

If you are approached by someone claiming to represent a utility, ask to see identification and make sure the person is using a utility company vehicle. If you have any questions, do not let the person into your house. Call the utility and ask if an employee was sent to your address. If the worker is not legitimate, call the police. If you have been victimized by a fake utility representative, or know someone who has, please file a report with your local police department or district attorney's office.

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