Ken Paxton
Senior Texans

Medicare Discount Cards - <BR>Don't Let The Crooks Cash In

Recent changes in the Medicare system will provide substantial benefits to help seniors buy prescription drugs. Special discount cards will be available for a $30 fee that can be waived for seniors with low income. I want to urge all seniors to be extremely cautious about where they obtain information about this new program and their decision whether to obtain a discount card. Scam artists are already trying to rob seniors by playing upon and adding to confusion.

If someone calls you and starts talking about how to get your benefits under the new Medicare laws, JUST HANG UP. Medicare is a legitimate federal program. Reliable information can be obtained from a number of sources, including the Web site of the program itself, Your health care provider, a senior center, or any one of a number of trusted sources can also help you. Do not rely on someone you don't know who calls you at home.

The real Medicare discount cards will not be available before May, 2004. Anyone who says you can get one before then is trying to scam you. No one should be calling you trying to get your bank or credit card account numbers or any other personal or financial information in connection with the new federal laws.

Real benefits will be available to you. Don't let a con artist cash in on this program. Let's make sure the money benefits seniors who are struggling to fill their prescriptions, not common criminals.

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