Ken Paxton
Senior Texans

"Security Alert" - "Verify Your Information!"

Many consumers report that they have received phone calls and/or e-mail notifications from a variety of familiar-sounding businesses, including banks, Internet service providers, and credit card companies. Callers may ask you to provide, verify or correct certain personal financial or account information. The e-mails may ask you to e-mail back verification or corrections to your account information, or possibly to visit a Web site where you can enter, correct or verify your personal financial information. The Web site might look just like the Web site of a real business, perhaps even a business which you regularly patronize. Callers may claim to be investigating possible fraud.

They are not "investigating" fraud - they are attempting to perpetrate it. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. We cannot anticipate all the variations in the details of the solicitations you may receive. Con artists are very imaginative and persuasive, and they may try any number of ploys to trick you into thinking they are actually acting on behalf of a real company. They may have some correct information on you, such as a credit card number, and use it to try and obtain other information, such as a PIN number. Do not give them anything. You can protect yourself if you remember one simple fact: real companies don't call or e-mail you to ask for this kind of information. If you are not sure about a call or an e-mail contact, look up the company's telephone number for yourself (don't take their word for it about who they are), and YOU call THEM. You will find that the company did not really solicit your personal financial information.

Identity theft is a devastating crime. Protect yourself. For more information about how to prevent ID theft and what to do if you think you might be a victim, visit our ID theft page, our website or the Web site of the Federal Trade Commission.

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