ItemPrice Unit of Measure
Door "Roll-up"$2,736.001each
Door "Tunnel"$8.691square feet
Fence - Chain-link 4'$12.732feet
Fence - Chain-link 6'$19.472feet
Fence - Wire 4 strand barbed wire$2.782feet
Fence - Electric$1.642feet
Fence - Electric 5 Wire High Tensile$2.582feet
Fence - Electric 8 Wire High Tensile$2.872feet
Fence - Electric Post$5.342per post
Fence - Wood Post (Cedar)$55.702per post
Gate - Chain-link 4' x 4'$320.302each
Gate - Chain-link 4' x 6'$355.382each
Gate - Wire$234.152feet
Gate - Tubular$455.152each
Gate - Stock Panel$605.152each
Gate - Stock & Corral Wooden$1,062.002each
Pipeline PVC "10 inch or less"$9.001feet
Pipeline PVC "12 inch or less"$13.281feet
Pipeline PVC "15 inch or less"$20.231feet
Roof - Metal$12.141square feet
Roof - Non-metal$7.031square feet
Shelter - Livestock$4.921square feet
Wall - Insulation$4.441square feet
Wall - Metal$45.131square feet
Wall - Treated Lumber$45.131square feet


ItemPrice Unit of Measure
Removal and disposing of fence$1.181feet
Removal and disposing of steel and concrete structure$11.411feet
Removal and disposing of wood structure$5.711feet
Prevailing Wage$15.00 per hour

1 Texas USDA-EQIP FY 2024
2 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department