Relevant Case Law/Law Articles

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Familial Searching: 

“No Body” Cases:

  • Legal-and-Investigative-stratigies-No-Homicide.pdf ( 

    • United States v. Gilbert 

    • United States v. Wilson 

    • Commonwealth v. Elder 

    • People v. Manson 

    • Nettie Brown v. State 

    • Hurley v. State 

  • Supreme Court 

    • Opper v. US

    • Smith v. US 

    • Wright v. West 

  • Second Circuit 

    • U.S. v. Riggi 

  • Third Circuit 

    • Virgin Islands, Government of v. Harris 

  • Texas 

    • Fischer v. State

    • Lewis v. State 

    • McDuff v. State

    • Nickerson v. State 

    • Oliver v. State 

    • Williams v. State

Relevant Texas Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations


Familial Searching/DNA as an Investigative Tool:

Relevant Federal Laws, Statutes, Rules, Regulations