The Crime Victim Civil Legal Services Grants were authorized by the Legislature to increase the availability of free and affordable civil legal services for victims of crime, such as protective orders, disability benefits and other legal assistance.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) entered into an interagency contract with the Supreme Court of Texas (Court) to support the Crime Victim Civil Legal Services Grants. The Court contracts with the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation (TEAJF) to handle the administrative management of these funds.

Eligible Applicants 

The requirements for selecting recipient programs are set forth in the Order of the Court establishing TEAJF as the administrator of these funds. To be eligible to apply for these funds, a program must:

  • Have 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status
  • Provide victim-related civil legal services to victims, immediate family members of victims or claimants
  • Provide services based on a person's meeting certain income eligibility requirements
  • Maintain open records
  • Conduct open meetings
  • Comply with other policies adopted by the Court and TEAJF