Recognizing the warning signs and indicators of youth involvement in gangs at the early stages is key to intervention.  Communities, schools, and parents must work together to prevent gang involvement. There are many informative resources listed below to assist communities, schools, and parents to assess the gang problem in their community and/or school. In addition, there are many resources for parents to ascertain whether their child is at-risk for gang involvement and if so, resources to assist with intervention.

How can a community assess and address its gang problem?

National Gang Center’s Resources and Tools

Understanding Youth Gang Involvement

Houston Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office

Helpful resources for schools

G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) Risk and Protective Factors

Why Do Young People Join Gangs?

Is my child at risk for gang involvement?

Parents’ Guide to Gangs 

A Parent’s Quick Reference Card to Gangs

What can parents do if you suspect gang involvement?

Ways to Deter Youth from Gang Involvement

Parent Gang Awareness Videos

Are you a student who has questions?

How to avoid Gangs and Delinquency

Anti-Gang Videos

Texas Youth Hotline is a 24-hour youth hotline to discuss problems and find help. You can call 1-800-989-6884, or Text 512-872-5777 or go online to chat.

Texas Youth Connection can help with education, jobs, housing safety, finance and legal issues.

Texas 211 will help you find help for food, health, housing and more in your community.  You can dial 211, or 1-877-541-7905 or go online.

Report gang activity or suspicious criminal behavior in your community

Texas Crime Stoppers

Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network iWatch

Stop Houston Gangs – Report Gang Crime Tips

Stop Lubbock Gangs – Report Gang Crime Tips