Office of the Attorney General News Release Archive

Wednesday, January 13, 1999


AUSTIN - John Cornyn was sworn in today as the 49th Attorney General of the State of Texas. Chief Justice Tom Phillips administered the oath of office to John Cornyn, who was sworn in as 49th Attorney General, before family, friends and other dignitaries in a ceremony in the House Chamber of the State Capitol. Welcoming remarks were made by former Attorney General John Hill and Congressman Henry Bonilla. John Cornyn offered a tribute to his wife Sandy, his daughters, his mother and those who believed in his campaign "back when being for Cornyn wasn't cool."

In remarks following his swearing in, Attorney General Cornyn laid out his priorities for making the Attorney General's Office "a place where the rule of law is more important than politics." He promised to make honor and integrity the foundation of his administration and pledged to build an agency that is lean, open and effective. "The first requirement of this office is to leave partisan politics at the door," Cornyn said.

The Attorney General pledged to use the powers of his office to help build strong families in Texas. "Strong families are the basis of a strong Texas. To fail our children - any of our children - threatens both our future and the future of this great state. Let us resolve together to create a Texas where children come first," Cornyn said.

Cornyn pledged to "work tirelessly as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of our State to give local law enforcement officials the tools and the support they need to keep local communities safe." Mr. Cornyn will give particular attention to the needs of small communities and rural areas. "Accidents of geography should not dictate the quality of justice," Cornyn said. The Attorney General pledged to build an elite team of professional prosecutors who will stand ready to assist in capital cases, shutting down gangs and ending drug money laundering operations.

Cornyn also said it is time to end outside interference in Texas affairs. "Texas must regain its sovereign right to run its own institutions - our prisons, our schools, our hospitals - without unwarranted interference from the federal government." He promised "to end the Ruiz lawsuit once and for all."

Outlining his other priorities as Attorney General, Cornyn pledged to:


An Equal Employment
Opportunity Employer