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Wednesday, April 14, 1999


Action taken against owners of known "drug havens"

FORT WORTH - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn and Fort Worth Police Chief Thomas Windham today announced the filing of two civil lawsuits against Fort Worth property owners. One suit was filed against James Schofield, the owner of a Fort Worth house located at 2700 Bidecker. The second suit was filed against Ketan and Kusam Patel, the owners of Southside Motel located at 3105 S. Riverside. Both properties have been the site of repeated drug violations and other illegal activity. The suits were filed in Tarrant County District Court.

"If you allow your property to be a haven for illegal drug activity, we will shut you down," said Attorney General Cornyn. "This action would not be possible without the efforts and cooperation of the Fort Worth police department. I commend them for their hard work," General Cornyn added.

Nearly 40 offense reports have been generated from illegal activity on Mr. Scholfield's property and over 30 reports have been generated from illegal activity at the Southside Motel.

16 convictions have resulted from drug trafficking complaints on Mr. Scholfield's property and 22 convictions have resulted from people involved with drugs at the Southside Motel.

The Attorney General's civil enforcement section and the Fort Worth Police Department have worked together for nearly 10 years shutting down numerous properties that have endangered the Fort Worth community.

Texas law allows the Texas Attorney General to file suit against properties that constitute public nuisances by virtue of repeated criminal activity.

The suits filed against Mr. Scholfield and Ketan and Kusam Patel were handled by the civil enforcement section of the Attorney General's Financial Crimes Division. Assistant Attorney General and civil enforcement section chief T.J. Patterson handled the filing of the cases.

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