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Monday, May 10, 1999


General Cornyn applauds improvement

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has removed the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) from the Y2K "At Risk List." The DIR report detailing these results will be issued on May 18th.

"Although the Child Support Division started preparation very late, I am happy to report that the entire agency is on track to be Y2K ready by mid-summer," said General Cornyn. As of May 1st, the Child Support Division was 96% Y2K ready.

"General Cornyn's active support in rectifying and remediating this problem is a tremendous asset for the families who depend upon child support," said Representative Jim Pitts, Chairman of the House Major Information Systems Subcommittee.

Since Cornyn took office in January, extraordinary strides have been made in preparing for Y2K. Weekly meetings between child support staff, executive administration and outside consultants have focused and coordinated efforts to be Y2K ready. The consultants are scheduled to complete Y2K code remediation for the Texas Child Support Enforcement System (TXCSES) by the end of May with testing continuing through the summer.

To ensure Y2K readiness, the Child Support Division will contract with an independent verification and validation (IV&V) service to independently review the TXCSES application's Y2K readiness. The OAG will also complete contingency plans for handling potential Y2K problems of outside organizations with links to the TXCSES.

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