Office of the Attorney General News Release Archive

Thursday, June 3, 1999


Attorneys General set to discuss various border issues at two day conference

SAN ANTONIO - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today officially opened the 18th U.S.-Mexico Border Attorneys General Conference in San Antonio. The conference runs from June 2 - 4 at the International Center in San Antonio. Attorney General Cornyn will be joined by both Mexican and U.S. Border State Attorneys General, to discuss issues ranging from NAFTA to drug trafficking and money laundering.

"If laws are going to be enforced along our borders, communication has to exist among Attorneys General that are directly involved," said Cornyn. "That's what I believe this conference will provide: a forum for me and my fellow Attorneys General to begin the dialogue that is necessary to insure that we work together on a host of issues of common concern," Cornyn added.

The U.S. Attorneys General attending the conference are Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, and New Mexico Attorney General Patricia A. Madrid.

The Mexican Attorneys General who will participate are Baja California Attorney General Marco Antonio De La Fuente Villareal, Chihuahua Attorney General Arturo Gonzalez Rascon, Coahuila Attorney General J. Ricardo Cisneros Hernandez, Nuevo Leon Attorney General Jose Santos Gonzalez Suarez, Sonora Attorney General Miguel Angel Cortes Ibarra, and Tamaulipas Attorney General Jorge Max Castillo Trevino.

The keynote address for the conference will be given by Mexican Federal Attorney General Jorge Madrazo Cuellar. Madrazo was appointed Attorney General of Mexico by President Ernesto Zedillo in December,1996.

"It is an honor for Texas to host this event, and it is a personal honor for me to do so in my hometown of San Antonio," Cornyn said. "I'm looking forward to what I am confident will be a productive and enjoyable two days," Cornyn added.