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Friday, August 13, 1999


Second Evader Captured From Top Ten Evader List

Evader Found in Albuquerque, NM

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the arrest of Child Support Evader Mark D. Miller. Miller was arrested last night in Albuquerque, NM on a capias civil warrant issued June 24, 1994 for failure to appear at a child support hearing and a Burnet County misdemeanor warrant issued August 8, 1994 for failure to pay child support. Miller owes $49,297 in delinquent child support for one child.

"If you owe child support, pay it. Because if you owe child support and do not pay, you are subject to arrest," said Attorney General Cornyn.

In July, Attorney General Cornyn unveiled the Child Support Evader list which contained ten Texans, including Marble Falls native Mark D. Miller. These Texans were wanted for failure to pay substantial amounts of court-ordered child support. Following the announcement, the Attorney General's office received an anonymous tip to the Evaders Hotline. Investigators from the Attorney General's office followed up on the tip and located Miller in Albuquerque. The investigators arranged for Miller to be arrested by the Albuquerque Police Department. The Miller was arraigned in Albuquerque today.

Miller is the second Evader to be arrested since publication of the Evader list. Another Evader, Ricky Earl "Rico" Hall, was arrested on an outstanding capias civil warrant Tuesday, July 13 in Dallas. Hall owed $27,674 in child support for one child. The Attorney General's office works with local authorities to arrest and incarcerate delinquent noncustodial parents. Parents arrested on a capias warrant, which is issued for failing to obey a court order, face up to six months in jail.

For a noncustodial parent to be placed on the Evader List, there must be a court-ordered obligation with delinquent support in excess of $5,000 and an arrest warrant issued. The location of the parent must be unknown and the parent must not have made any payments in the last six months. The parent must not be involved in bankruptcy proceedings or receiving welfare. To make information public, the custodial parent signs a confidentiality waiver and supplies a picture of the delinquent parent.

People with information about the Evaders should contact the Office of the Attorney General by calling the hotline -- 1-800-797-5437, email -- or by mail -- Texas Child Support Evaders, Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division, P.O. Box 12017, Austin, TX 78711-2017. When a parent cannot comply with their court ordered child support obligations due to the loss of employment or other hardship, the parent should contact the Attorney General's office at 1-800-252-8014 to make other arrangements.

Evaders still on the wanted list (ranked according to child support owed):

  • Roger K. Guest owes $60,901 for one child. Last address - Butler
  • Kenneth Thurman owes $57,400 for two children. Last address - Dime Box
  • Homayoun Niroumand-Rad owes $57,392 for two children. Last address - Boston, Mass.
  • Paul J. Mobley, aka J.P. or James, owes $33,565 for one child. Last address - Coupland
  • Marvin E. "Bubba" Suratt owes $22,027 for two children. Last address - Dallas
  • Harold W. Johnson owes $15,966 for two children. Last address - Dallas
  • Alton D. "Dennis" Winston owes $9,129 for one child. Last address - Austin
  • Henry Dale Williamson owes $8,867 for one child. Last address - Jackson, Miss.

The Evader list is posted on Attorney General Cornyn's web site at

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