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Wednesday, February 23, 2000


Adolfo Aguero arrested in Lockhart-owes $29,545 in delinquent child support

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the arrest of Child Support Evader Adolfo Aguero, formerly of Uvalde, who owes $29,545 in delinquent child support. Aguero is being held on two civil warrants for failure to appear at hearings regarding his past due child support in two separate Uvalde County cases. The cases involve a mother and child owed $21,416 and a mother and two children owed $8,129. Since July, Aguero has been listed on the Attorney General's first Child Support Evader List for going underground to avoid paying child support.

"Parents have the responsibility to support the children they bring into this world," said Attorney General Cornyn. "I will continue to work aggressively to see that children receive the court ordered support they deserve."

Lockhart Police stopped Aguero for a driving violation last week. The police officers performed a routine warrant search and learned Aguero was wanted for failure to pay child support.

Aguero will be returned to Uvalde to appear at a court hearing to address the court orders requiring payment of child support. Aguero is being held in the Caldwell County jail on $1,750 bond: $1,250 for one case and $500 for the second case, and faces up to 180 days in jail. If Aguero pays either bond, the money will go toward his delinquent child support, but Aguero must pay both bonds to secure his release before a court hearing.

Last July, Attorney General Cornyn announced the first Most Wanted Child Support Evader List containing ten Texans, including Adolfo Aguero, wanted for failure to pay court-ordered child support. Aguero is the fifth Evader to be arrested from this list. On Jan. 20, Attorney General Cornyn announced a second list of Child Support Evaders. Four of those newly-named Evaders have been located.

For a noncustodial parent to be placed on the Evader page, there must be a court-ordered obligation with delinquent support in excess of $5,000 and an arrest warrant issued. The location of the parent must be unknown and the parent must not have made any payments in the last six months. The parent must not be involved in bankruptcy proceedings or receiving welfare benefits. To make information public, the custodial parent must sign a confidentiality waiver and supply a picture of the delinquent parent.

People with information about the Evaders should contact the Office of the Attorney General by calling the hotline -- 1-800-797-5437, email -- or by mail - Texas Child Support Evaders, Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division, P.O. Box 12017, Austin, TX 78711-2017.

Evaders still on the wanted list (ranked according to child support owed):

Armando Salinas owes $180,179 for four children - Last address: Edinburg, TX

Jason E. Fuller owes $87,902 for four children - Last address: Columbus, Ohio

Donny Lee Gantt owes $73,332 for three children - Last address: Everett, Washington

Kenneth Thurman owes $59,224 for two children. Last address - Dime Box

David Matthew Thomas, Jr. owes $58,253 for one child - Last address: Leander, TX

David T. Rhone owes $45,713 for five children - Last address: San Antonio, TX

Paul J. Mobley, aka J.P. or James, owes $36,678 for one child. Last address - Coupland

Marvin E. "Bubba" Suratt owes $23,721 for two children. Last address - Dallas

Harold W. Johnson owes $17,222 for two children. Last address - Dallas

Cynthia Schliewe owes $12,888 for two children - Last address: Odessa, TX

Henry Dale Williamson owes $9,567 for one child. Last address - Jackson, Miss.

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