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Monday, March 6, 2000


Dallas company stopped from selling products that contain GBL

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the filing of a Final Judgment and Agreed Permanent Injunction which requires Dallas based John's Lone Star Distribution, Inc. d/b/a Lone Star Distribution, to stop distributing products which contain GBL in Texas. John's Lone Star Distribution, Inc. primarily sells health food products and dietary supplements to health clubs. This company sold RenewTrient and other products containing GBL in limited amounts in Texas, as well as several other products which the Texas Department of Health deems are unapproved drugs.

GBL is a chemical which the body's natural metabolic processes automatically convert to GHB. Under new federal criminal law, GBL is an illegal substance in dietary supplements because it is an ingredient used to make gamma-hydroxybutyrate ("GHB"), one of the "date rape" drugs. The new federal law was signed on Feb. 18, 2000 which classifies GHB (the "date rape"drug) as a controlled substance and makes it a felony to possess and distribute GHB.

The law also makes it illegal to use GBL, a precursor to GHB, except in approved commercial uses, such as in paint thinners. Under Texas criminal laws, GBL in dietary supplements is also illegal because it has the same effects as GHB which is a drug that is illegal to possess or distribute in Texas. The State and FDA's position is that GBL is also dangerous when ingested because it automatically converts to GHB, an illegal drug substance.

The State, based upon a referral from the Commissioner for the Texas Department of Health, alleges that John's Lone Star Distribution, Inc., violated the Texas Health and Safety Code and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by selling, offering for sale, and having sold RenewTrient and other products containing GBL in Texas because they are unapproved drugs and therefore illegal to sell. The permanent injunction requires the company to destroy products containing GBL, and other unapproved drugs, valued at $6,000 and requires that John's Lone Star Distribution pay $10,000 to the State for attorneys fees and costs of investigation.

John's Lone Star Distribution agreed to stop selling and distributing any products containing GBL and any products which the State alleged were unapproved new drugs under both federal and state drug laws.

This case was handled by Joyce Wein Iliya, an Assistant Attorney General in the Dallas Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

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