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Wednesday, April 12, 2000


Special prosecutors go to work prosecuting illegal gun cases

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the special prosecutors for Texas Exile. The prosecutors will serve as Assistant Attorneys General and Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys General. Each prosecutor will have the capacity to prosecute illegal gun cases in state and federal court, with the goal of obtaining the maximum penalty in each case.

"The special prosecutors are a crucial part of Texas Exile. Their work will put criminals behind bars and take illegal guns off our streets, driving home the message: gun crime means hard time," said Attorney General Cornyn. Texas Exile is working and will continue to work, thanks to everyone's work from the police officer on the street making arrests to the prosecutors reviewing cases."

Since the rollout of Texas Exile last December, 36 indictments have resulted in Houston, Dallas has announced 24 arrests and 10 indictments, and 66 indictments have resulted from arrests in Ft. Worth. Also in Ft.Worth, nearly 500 illegal guns have been confiscated. Statewide, Texas Exile has generated 197 arrests, 115 indictments, 10 convictions and 632 guns confiscated.

Attorney General Cornyn and Governor George W. Bush announced Texas Exile last September. The program is funded by a $1.6 million grant from Governor Bush's Criminal Justice Division. Money from the grant funds special prosecutors working on Texas Exile cases and an aggressive public awareness campaign that features radio and TV ads along with billboards.

The Texas Exile Special Prosecutors are:
Michael McCaul - Austin
John Briggs - El Paso
Michael Gill - Fort Worth
Ashley Chapman - Houston
Robb Catalano - Dallas
Jay Hileman - Houston
Gerald Matheny - San Antonio
Jennifer Lowery - Beaumont
Matt Bingham - Tyler

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