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Friday, May 12, 2000


"Gangs in Texas: 1999" Sent to Various Law Enforcement Statewide

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the release of "Gangs in Texas:1999". The report has been sent to police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and members of the Texas Gang Investigators Association, among others. City and school district police departments, sheriffs, district and county attorneys were surveyed on a variety of topics related to gang activity in their area. The Attorney General's gang report is a result of that survey.

"This report contains useful information to anyone engaged in the ongoing battle against crime," said Attorney General Cornyn. "The more tools we have to help us combat gangs, the sooner we can move forward with an action plan of making our communities safer."

Topics discussed in the report include the seriousness of gang problems in the areas of those surveyed, what gang-related offenses those surveyed see and the type of law enforcement intervention and prevention strategies that have helped in combating gang problems.

The report also contains two other sections. An Overview provides the statutory definition of a gang, plus a categorization of the types of gangs in Texas. The other section profiles a gang initiative model called SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment), developed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance in connection with the Police Executive Research Forum, as well as other gang intervention and prevention programs that have been effective in some jurisdictions in Texas.

To view a copy of "Gangs in Texas:1999", visit the Attorney General's website located at "Gangs in Texas: 1999" was compiled by the Attorney General's Juvenile Crime Intervention Division, headed by Megan Ferland.

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