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Wednesday, October 4, 2000


Attorney General and Houston city officials board up Las Flores club

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn and the City of Houston today announced the board up of the Las Flores "pony bar." The bar is located at 2027 McCarty and an adjacent property is located at 2031 McCarty in Houston, Texas. Both properties have been the site of repeated drug, prostitution and alcohol violations. The Attorney General and the City of Houston sued the property owners last June, in an effort to stop the illegal activity. However, since the lawsuit was filed, drug, prostitution and alcohol violations have continued.

"Allowing your property to be a haven for illegal activity will not be tolerated," said Attorney General Cornyn. "This action today should send the message to others that if you are aware of illegal activity on your property and are not doing anything to stop it, we will shut you down."

A "pony bar" is a location where women solicit men for drinks and in some cases those same women solicit men for sex, which was the case at Las Flores.

Since 1998, nearly 100 offense reports have been generated from illegal drug, prostitution and alcohol violations at Las Flores. Nearly 100 people have been charged with and/or convicted on prostitution or prostitution related offenses for the same time period at this location. Also, from 1998 to present, criminal violations on the properties have resulted in over 100 calls for police service.

The Attorney General's office and the City of Houston have been working together on this case since March.

State law allows the Attorney General to file suit against and shut down properties that constitute common and public nuisances by virtue of repeated criminal activity. Fourteen nuisance abatement lawsuits have been filed against properties since Attorney General Cornyn took office. In addition to this Houston property, two properties in Fort Worth have been shut down.

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