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Wednesday, October 18, 2000


Regarding Frew v. Gilbert:

"This is a correct ruling from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which granted the State of Texas' motion for a stay of Judge Justice's Aug. 14 order. As the court of appeals stated, 'the public interest will be better served by postponing any implementation of the district court's order until the factual findings and legal conclusions upon which such order is based can be reviewed by this court.' Today's ruling recognizes that our appeal of Judge Justice's order will not prevent the state from continuing its good faith efforts to ensure that every eligible Texan receives access to Medicaid services and programs. The state will continue its ongoing efforts to improve and expand services during the appeal. I want to say again that appealing the judge's ruling and continuing to improve services to the people of Texas is not an either/or proposition. We can and will do both."

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