These facts are taken from the State's post-trial brief which has been filed with the Court.

FACT SHEET Frew v. Gilbert

The State has continually made improvements to the Texas Health Steps Program, a children's preventative health care program (also known as the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program). These increased efforts have resulted in notable advancements in all areas of the program's performance, including outreach contacts, clients served and staff resources. These improvements make Texas' outreach program one of the most successful in the country.

(Before implementation of the Consent Decree)
In 1993, the medical check-up participation rate for THSteps was 29%. Today, Texas has among the highest participation rates in the country at 66%.
10 people were assigned to the THSteps program statewide Today, there are almost 500.
Expenditures for the Medical Transportation Program were approximately $19 million. The Medical Transportation Program budget has increased by 300 percent to approximately $39 million. Since 1993, utilization has increased from 743,000 trips to more than 2.5 million trips.
60 staff members were working in the Medical Transportation Program There are 142 staff members working in this Program today.
Dental program expenditures were approximately $87 million. Today, these expenditures approach $140 million and the usage of dental care services is double the national average.
The participation rate for teens eligible for the THSteps program was 37%. Teen participation has now increased to 55%.

In 1999, the State made almost 5 million outreach contacts to clients. On the average, clients are contacted almost 3 times throughout the year.
The State has the largest contract for outreach services (with MAXIMUS) ever in the US for $7.6 million and for FY2001, the contract will be increased to $10 million.
Approximately 87% of Medicaid recipients recognize the Texas Health Steps name and associate it with the services that are provided through the program.
The State of Texas spends in excess of $20 million on the administration of the THSteps.
TDH is not aware of a single eligible client who requested services and has not subsequently received those services.