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Tuesday, June 12, 2001


AUSTIN - Click here for a copy of an Attorney General's opinion issued at the request of Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff relating to "whether the individual elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor under article III, section 9, of the Texas Constitution is required to serve on the Legislative Redistricting Board established by article III, section 28."

In response to the question, the opinion states:

    "In our opinion, the plain language of the (Constitution) leaves no doubt that the voters ... intended that the individual elected to perform the duties of Lieutenant Governor is required ... to serve as a member of the Legislative Redistricting Board. Because that individual is required to serve as a member of the Legislative Redistricting Board, it naturally follows that the fact of his service thereon will have no adverse legal impact on any redistricting plan adopted by the Board."

Attorney General Cornyn adds the following statement: "This opinion clears the way for Lt. Gov. Ratliff to fully participate in the activities of the Legislative Redistricting Board including taking formal actions and voting."

As is standard operating procedure, the Attorney General's Office solicited input from interested parties on the opinion request. The Attorney General's Office specifically notified all other members of the Legislative Redistricting Board, the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Council, and the public interest groups, Common Cause and Public Citizen. Notice of the request was also posted on the Attorney General's Office website.

The only comment the Attorney General's Office received was a brief from the Legislative Council, which was consistent with the opinion's conclusion.

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