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Wednesday, August 28, 2001


Two Wichita Falls parents failed to pay child support

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn today announced the sentencing of child support evaders Bonnie Jack Byrd and Herbert Anthony Daughtery, both of Wichita Falls, for failure to pay child support. Byrd, who owes $85,676.62 for the support of one child, was sentenced to 180 days in the Wichita County jail and 10 years probation. Daughtery, who owes $6,095 for two children, received 7 years probation. While on probation, each evader is required to pay his child support or probation will be revoked, and the evader will be incarcerated.

Commenting on the sentences, Attorney General Cornyn said, "These dead beats have a demonstrated ability to pay, but cold-heartedly turned their backs on their own children. My office will continue to work with local law enforcement to locate and arrest parents ignoring their moral and legal obligation to support their children."

Byrd and Daughtery are two of the worst dead beats in Wichita County. Byrd was arrested in Forth Worth on July 28 for violating his probation and was returned to Wichita County. He had originally been placed on probation by Wichita County authorities in April 1997 for failing to pay child support. Byrd's failure to appear at a subsequent hearing to revoke his probation resulted in the warrant that led to his July arrest. On Tuesday, Judge Diane Dockery found Byrd in contempt of court for failing to meet his child support obligation.

Daughtery, who was placed on the Attorney General's Child Support Evader List on July 19, was arrested in Wichita Falls on August 16 for failing to pay child support. At yesterday's court hearing, Judge Dockery found Daughtery in contempt of court for failing to meet his child support obligation. Daughtery, who also faces charges involving two other Wichita County children in two separate child support cases, is currently incarcerated on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of a controlled substance.

The Office of the Attorney General vigorously pursues parents violating court orders to pay child support. Wichita County residents with information about delinquent noncustodial parents or other child support issues should contact the Office of the Attorney General by phone (1-800-687-8205), email ( or by mail - Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division, P.O. Box 5067, Wichita Falls, TX 76307-9971.

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