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Monday, April 29, 2002


AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General John Cornyn brought top law enforcement officials from Texas and Mexico to work together in combating international crime.

During the San Antonio conference, General Rafael Macedo de la Concha, Attorney General of Mexico, and Dr. Juan Hernandez, appointed by President Vicente Fox as Director of the Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad, met with Texas and Mexican prosecutors and police.

Also participating were General Cornyn's top deputies for law enforcement matters; Mexican consular officials; members of the FBI; the U.S. Department of Justice; the U.S. Secret Service; Texas DAs; and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Among the issues discussed at the event were money laundering, extraditions, international auto theft rings, and international prosecutions. The conference allowed local district attorneys from Texas to discuss with federal officials from both countries how national security and international crime affects them, particularly along the border.

"To succeed in the fight against international crime, Texans and Mexicans must work together at every level and as closely as possible to give criminals no room to hide," said Attorney General Cornyn. "I am extremely grateful to President Fox for his commitment in ensuring that our common border will not be used as a shield to evade the arm of the law. And I am very pleased that many prosecutors and police officers from throughout Texas are here today to meet with our Mexican guests so we can best combine our strengths."

The two-day conference is the most recent effort by Attorney General Cornyn to bring together law enforcement officials from both sides of the border. In 1999, General Cornyn invited the attorneys general from the other nine U.S.-Mexico border states and the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico to San Antonio to address international law enforcement matters. Attorney General Cornyn also has met with top Mexican officials to develop and enhance joint crime fighting efforts between authorities on both sides of the border.

These meetings have also advanced Attorney General Cornyn's commitment in fighting international crime: The Attorney General's International Prosecutions Unit assists Texas law enforcement by seeking extraditions or prosecutions in Mexico of persons who commit heinous crimes in Texas and then cross the border to evade justice. The Attorney General's Auto Theft Prevention Unit has helped local Texas law enforcement along the border work with Mexican states to locate and return hundreds of stolen vehicles. Efforts by General Cornyn's Financial Crimes Division have often relied on cooperation with Mexican federal authorities to seize assets held by international money launderers and drug cartels.

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