Ken Paxton

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Attorney General Abbott Fights for Gulf Coast Property Owners After State Farm Prepares to Deny Insurance Renewals on More Than 11,000 Policies

AUSTIN Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made the following statement regarding the State’s investigation into State Farm’s proposal to deny renewed coverage on more than 11,000 policies of Gulf Coast Texans:

The largest issuer of homeowners insurance in Texas has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent the Attorney General’s Office from investigating its non-renewal of thousands of residential property insurance policies along the Gulf Coast, Attorney General Abbott said. Given the number of Texans that are affected, we want to ensure that State Farm complies with the law. If State Farm has not done anything wrong, it’s certainly curious that they would go to court just to avoid the State’s subpoenas.

On April 16 the Attorney General’s Office sent civil investigative demands a type of civil subpoena to State Farm Lloyds of Texas seeking information about the company’s decision not to renew more than 11,000 Gulf Coast policies. Late last week, State Farm filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General’s Office in an effort to avoid its obligation to provide the information requested by the State. To date, State Farm Lloyds has not produced a single document in response to the subpoenas issued by the Attorney General’s Office.