Ken Paxton

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Attorney General's Fugitive, Cyber Crimes Programs Reach 100-Plus Child Predator Arrests

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Fugitive and Cyber Crimes units have passed the 100 mark in the number of child sex predators taken off the streets and off the Internet in less than 10 months.

Our Fugitive and Cyber Crimes programs are making communities safer by arresting child predators before they can do more harm to our children, Attorney General Abbott said today. We are very proud of these accomplishments and grateful to law enforcement agencies around the state who share our commitment to making these arrests.

The Cyber Crimes Unit, launched by Attorney General Abbott last May, targets online predators by assuming the identities of young teenagers in Internet chat rooms. Investigators have arrested 37 men in various counties who used teen chat rooms to arrange meetings with underage victims.

View photos of Central Texas Men arrested by the Cyber Crimes Unit

The arrests have been made when the predators drove from as far away as Houston to meet children in Central Texas. Attorney General Abbott is currently expanding Cyber Crimes investigations into other areas through the use of an undercover Internet mobile computer lab.

The Fugitive Unit, formed last August, targets child sex offenders who violated the terms of their parole. Working with other law enforcement agencies, the Attorney General’s Fugitive investigators have arrested a total of 68 parole violators in 23 Texas counties and six other states, three of them in Florida.

View Photos of men arrested by the Fugitive Unit

The parole absconders were convicted of various sex crimes against children. Parole violations that led to their arrests included failing to report to probation officers, being absent without permission, being in locations that might allow contact with young children, and other charges.

To date, 23 Central Texas men have been arrested by Cyber Crimes officers after the men drove long distances to meet children at specific locations. Many had booked hotel rooms and had alcoholic beverages as part of their plans to seduce their underage victims.

Central Texas men arrested by the Cyber Crimes Unit for attempted sexual crimes against children
    Shawn R. Lorance, New Braunfels
    Christopher P. Barton, San Marcos
    Rogelio Castaneda, Lampasas
    Charles Guillory, Austin
    Danny J. Reeves, Cedar Park
    Karan Kapoor, Austin
    Matthew Denison, Austin
    John Duff, San Antonio
    Boris Alvarado, Austin
    Conrad Coelho, Austin
    Randolph Cottingham, Pflugerville
    Donald L. Westbrook III, Austin
    Phillip J. Ramos, Austin
    Michael A. McDaniel, Pflugerville
    Phillip B. Stewart, Junction
    Marcus S. Sterling, Austin
    Sanmat Panagrahi, Austin
    Daniel R. McCarthy, Austin
    Christopher M. Pacheco, Staples
    Naveed Shams, Round Rock
    Victor L. Gage, Hutto
    Srinath Audityan, Austin
    James S. Thornton, Lampasas

Parole violators arrested by the Fugitive Unit in Austin
    Charles Richard Roman
    David Scott Stubbs
    Eric Clairborne Kahmann
    David Allen Roberts
    William Andrew Causey
    Kevin Earl Keck