Ken Paxton

Friday, June 7, 2013

Attorney General Abbott Secures Restraining Order Against Two Unlicensed Dentists in South Texas

MCALLEN Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott charged two Mission men with unlawfully practicing dentistry in their homes. Under a temporary injunction obtained by the State, defendants Edelmiro Alcocer and Jesus Garcia are prohibited from violating state laws that protect Texans from unlicensed dentists. Attorney General Abbott issued the following statement about the case:

To help protect Texans from the unauthorized practice of dentistry, state law requires that dentists receive extensive training and be licensed by the State. The defendants in this case set up an unlawful practice in their homes and misled patients about their experience putting patients at risk in the process. Under the court order secured by the State, the defendants’ unlawful practice has been shut down while the State continues to pursue this matter.

The State’s enforcement action, filed with a Hidalgo County district court on May 21, charged Alcocer and Garcia with violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Texas Dental Practice Act. According to state investigators, the defendants offered and performed multiple complicated dental procedures to low income clients in South Texas despite the fact that neither Alcocer nor Garcia were adequately trained or licensed in dentistry in Texas.

State investigators discovered that the defendants referred patients to each other and performed dental procedures that included filling and/or extracting teeth, making and fitting dentures, injecting pain medication and adding braces. After completing the dental procedures, the defendants unlawfully wrote medication prescriptions for their patients. Further endangering patients’ health and safety, Alcocer and Garcia conducted the unlawful dental services out of their residences in Mission, Texas residences that were not suitably equipped for dental procedures.

The State’s enforcement action seeks civil penalties and a permanent injunction against the defendants and their unlawful dentistry practice.