Ken Paxton

Friday, July 11, 2003

Attorney General Abbott Announces Sixth Arrest From Child Support Evader Top Ten List

AUSTIN - Within just two months of unveiling his new top ten list, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced the arrest of a sixth Child Support Evader. William Christopher Marlowe was arrested Thursday by Deputy U.S. Marshals from the District of Arizona in Phoenix. Marlowe owes $48,290 for the care of his 13-year-old daughter, who lives with her mother in Duncanville.
William Marlowe

"This is a wonderful example of cooperation between my office and Arizona law enforcement officers to protect the children. Because of a quick response from the Maricopa County Sheriff and the U.S. Marshals, another Child Support Evader is behind bars," said Attorney General Abbott.

Attorney General Abbott met with the Evader's ex-wife Deborah Marlowe, who is owed the support, when he traveled to Dallas in May to name Marlowe to his new top ten list.

Learning of the arrest, Ms. Marlowe said, "This is a great day. I am thrilled that William Marlowe is finally facing the consequences of years of disregard for his daughter's needs. I also want to thank Attorney General Abbott for caring so much about my case."

Marlowe was arrested for felony criminal non-support by Deputy Marshals Chris Kruse and Pat Williams. The arrest was a cooperative effort between the U.S. Marshals Service and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, that occurred in response to locating information supplied by an investigator from the Attorney General's Child Support Division.

Marlowe is currently being held in the Maricopa County Jail. He will be returned to Dallas County to face the pending felony charges. A conviction for criminal non-support will result in a maximum sentence of up to two years imprisonment in the state jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

Marlowe was indicted by the Dallas County Grand Jury on November 19, 2002, for criminal non-support. In the original divorce decree from 1993, he was ordered to pay $300 a month. Due to missed payments and interest that accrues on unpaid child support, Marlowe now owes more than $48,000.

In addition to Marlowe, a second Most Wanted Child Support Evader was arrested Wednesday in L'Anse, Michigan. XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX, who owes $60,056.44 for the care of one child, was arrested on a criminal non-support warrant out of El Paso. His capture occurred after investigators with the Attorney General's Child Support Division notified Baraga County Sheriff Robert Teddy that XXXXXX, who resides in Georgia, was visiting relatives in L'Anse.

XXXXXX was indicted by an El Paso County Grand Jury in March 2002 for criminal non-support. He will be returned to El Paso to face the felony charges that will be vigorously prosecuted by El Paso County District Attorney Jaime Esparza.

"The out-of-state arrests of Child Support Evaders William Marlowe and XXXXXX XXXXXX prove that fleeing Texas is no shelter for parents who refuse to pay child support. My office appreciates the cooperation of law enforcement officers across the nation to hold parents accountable for their children's care," said Attorney General Abbott.

Child Support Evaders have gone underground to avoid arrest on their child support case. Parents can avoid arrest by paying child support in full and on time. Photos of the Attorney General's Most Wanted Child Support Evaders can be viewed by visiting the Attorney General's web site. The public is encouraged to report information that could lead to the arrest of missing Child Support Evaders through the Web site or by calling 1-866-EVADERS (382-3377).