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Ad valorem tax exemption, real property that church purchases in middle of tax year is ineligible forLO96-062
American Legion, Department of Texas, status as a charitable organization under Charitable Immunity and Liability Act of 1987LO97-098
Amount specified in the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act, the cap on the value of a residential dwelling that has not yet been constructed and that is offered or awarded as a prize at a raffle for which a qualified organization provides any consideration is theGA-0837
Animal welfare organizations, authority of veterinarian to practice for when owner, partners, or shareholders are not licensed veterinariansLO95-003
Charitable campaigns, school district not prohibited from authorizing under section 22.011, Education CodeGA-0949
Charitable pooled income fund trust agreement allocating mutual fund short term capital gains to income would not fundamentally depart from Texas lawLO96-095
Charitable Raffle Enabling Act, if certificate of deposit may be offered as a prize underJC-0111
Constitutionality of statute permitting solicitors for charitable organizations, but no others, to stand in roadwayDM-0367
Exemption for property of charitable organization inapplicable to building used by nonprofit, but owned by individualJC-0134
Funds donated to junior college for scholarships, because impressed with charitable trust, may be consolidated with funds held by private nonprofit foundation through court-proceeding substituting trustees of nonprofit for trustees of junior college, provided nature and character of funds remain the sameJC-0138
Juror reimbursement fees, program to allow donation of must have been established prior to January 1, 1995LO97-029
Offense of gambling under section 47.02 and the offense of gambling promotion under section 47.03, charitable squares game as described does not implicate theGA-0804
Other county programs that may be considered for county authorization of receipt of juror donations - Texas Government Code subsection 61.003(a)(4) does not limit the donation of juror reimbursements to only juror counseling programs.KP-010
Particular "charitable sweepstakes fundraising program" conducted by private nonprofit corporation is illegal under Texas lawJC-0482
Peace officers' memorial fund constitutes charitable trust, interest belongs to memorial fundLO96-038
Raffle prize by nonprofit charitable organization - because the award of alcohol as a raffle prize by is not prohibited by the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act and is not a sale or otherwise an activity regulated by the Alcoholic Beverage Code, a court would likely conclude that current law does not prohibit such a raffle prizeKP-153
Raffle proceeds may be used to pay reasonable, incidental, and necessary expenses of conducting raffle from which proceeds were raised, but no raffle proceeds may be used to fund subsequent rafflesJC-0046
Raffle, use of savings bonds and prepaid credit cards as prizes in a charitableGA-0341
Raffles, what constitutes a bond for purposes of statute regulating charitable rafflesJM-1277
Raffles, whether charitable organization may award refund of raffle ticket price as a prize, auction a raffle ticket for a price that is not printed on the ticket, or auction or sell additional tickets or chances after the drawing has begunGA-0097
Resource conservation and development council, status as charitable organizationDM-0402
Scholarship and endowment funds donated to state university are impressed with charitable trust, modification of which requires court proceeding to which Attorney General is proper partyJC-0240
Tax exemption for property equitably owned by charitable organizationGA-1092
The Tarrant County Hospital District is authorized by subsection 285.091(a) of the Health and Safety Code to structure the managerial and oversight authority of a physician group as it deems necessary to carry out the functions of or provide services to the DistrictKP-029
The Tarrant County Hospital District is authorized to create and fund a physician group under subsection 281.0565(b) of the Health and Safety Code if it reasonably determines in good faith that the expenditure will serve a public purpose and it put sufficient controls in place to ensure that the public purpose is carried out and that the District receives a return benefit.KP-029
Transfer of commercial lessor license under Bingo Enabling ActKP-202
Used for charitable purposes under the Texas Constitution and section 11.18, Tax Code, Under certain circumstances unoccupied property owned by charitable organization could be determined to be GA-0537