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Americans with Disabilities Act preempts, to the extent of conflict, a state law requiring Workers' Compensation Commission to release information to employers about applicants' prior injuriesDM-0124
Basic telecommunications device, for purposes of voucher program established by statute the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has authority to determine what constitutesLO98-043
Businesses owned by disabled persons, General Services Commission lacks authority to promulgate rule deeming as "historically underutilized businesses"DM-0328
Child subject of juvenile detention hearing, deaf or hearing impaired custodial relative of who is not party or witness in proceedings is not entitled to interpreterDM-0411
Chronically Ill and Disabled Children's Program, Board of Health is responsible to adopt eligibility criteria and system of priorities forJM-1169
Community-rehabilitation-program manufactured computers, catalogue purchasing procedures prevail over Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities mandatory purchasing program with respect to state agency purchasesDM-0496
Council for Developmental Disabilities may not use appropriated money to attempt to influence the passage or defeat of legislationJC-0161
Deaf or hearing impaired grand juror must be provided with interpreter to guarantee right of access to court mandated by Americans with Disabilities ActDM-0411
Deaf or hearing-impaired juror must be provided with interpreter to guarantee right of access to court mandated by Americans with Disabilities ActDM-0392
Disciplinary policy, application by school district to special education students may implicate specific state and federal safeguardsJC-0491
Education, authority of State Board of Education to enact regulation providing for deduction of money owed to state schools for blind and deaf students by school districts from available fund paymentsDM-0281
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's investigation into discrimination by Board of Medical Examiners in licensing practices, Board must disclose to EEOC requested information that is relevant toJC-0280
Examinations for professional licensing, state examiner's duty to accommodate disabilities under Federal Americans with Disabilities ActJC-0050
Gasoline pump credit-card readers, Department of Licensing and Regulation has discretion to defer enforcement of general reach-range requirements againstLO98-078
Gasoline service station's authority to verify that driver is disabled before providing full-service at self-service priceDM-0365
Grand jury hearing is "criminal proceeding" for purposes of statute requiring properly trained interpreters for non-English speaking or deaf or hearing-impaired witnessesJC-0579
Hepatitis, Cosmetology Commission may not refuse to license person with hepatitis if person is otherwise qualifiedDM-0499
Homestead exemptions under Tax Code, whether property owner who is blind and under fifty-five years of age qualifies for additionalLO95-060
Medical information provided by person with a disability to a state agency in requesting accommodations in a licensing examination, application of physician-patient privilege toJC-0555
Parking at county or municipal airport, holder of special parking permit for disabled entitled to free parking in certain circumstancesLO96-055
Parking fee exemption, scopeDM-0451
Parking fee, state university may charge to students, faculty, and staff, even if disabledDM-0345
Parking spaces for vehicles used by disabled persons, law assigning half of such spaces for the exclusive use of vehicles used by persons with permanent mobility disabilities and remaining spaces to vehicles used by persons with any disability does not reJC-0251
Power bingo system, Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits charging handicapped person for use ofDM-0305
Power bingo system, whether availability to handicapped persons is required by Americans with Disabilities ActDM-0305
Privileged parking provisions of Transportation Code chapter 681 - A court would likely conclude that a political subdivision is not authorized to contract with a private business to enforce the privileged parking provisions of chapter 681.KP-033
State workers' compensation program, clients or patients of state institutions who are participating in state university vocational training program are not state employees for purposes ofLO93-023
Subsection 82.002, Election Code - a qualified voter civilly committed pursuant to Health and Safety Code chapter 841 and residing at the Texas Civil Commitment Center is eligible to vote early by mail pursuant toKP-149
Transportation Code section 681.0101 - A court would likely conclude that section 681.0101 does not authorize a political subdivision to appoint a private business to enforce the privileged parking provisions of chapter 681 because a private business is not a "person" under section 681.0101KP-033
Van access aisle in van-accessible parking space, parking a vehicle so as to obstruct is an offenseJC-0077
Vocational rehabilitation services, defined as services Commission for the Blind determines are necessary to compensate blind individual so that individual may engage in remunerative occupation, Commission for the Blind is charged to provideJC-0470