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Absent business relationship or affiliation, person subject to chapter 176 of Local Government Code must file conflict of interest questionnaire even thoughGA-0446
Anti-bribery statement signed by public officers before taking oath of office, state-level officers file with secretary of stateJC-0575
Attorney acting as an unpaid advisor to school district board of directors and representing district for compensation in the collection of delinquent taxes, propriety ofGA-0719
Business relationship requiring disclosure under chapter 176 of Local Government Code, personal or business interest bearing savings account generating taxable income isGA-0446
Code of Judicial Conduct, justice of the peace serving as juvenile law master must comply withLO96-078
County commissioner, propriety of representing indigent defendant in criminal case and sharing office space with assistant district attorneyLO94-055
County school administration is a "school district" subject to restrictions on lobby-related activities by school districtsDM-0278
County vehicle, use of by county employee’s to transport a passenger who is not a county officer or employeeGA-0751
Document establishing a complainant’s residency or real-property ownership in Texas under sections 571.122 and 571.124 of the Government Code, a court would likely give serious consideration to the Texas Ethics Commission’s decision not to send a copy of such document to the respondent in a matter regarding a sworn complaint aGA-0863
El Paso County Code of Ethics, when and to the extent they participate in the performance of a county governmental function the District Attorney of the 34th Judicial District and his attorneys are county public servants subject to theGA-0831
El Paso County Code of Ethics, because they are not county public servants, the non-attorney staff of a district attorney, because they are not county public servants, are not subject to theGA-0831
El Paso County Ethics Commission would improperly usurp the county attorney’s authority if outside legal counsel were hired to represent the Commission over the objection of the county attorneyGA-0817
Family member of local government officer, person subject to chapter 176 of Local Government Code must comply with its disclosure requirements even if aGA-0446
Financial statement, school district trustee subject to Education Code section 11.0641 who holds office at any time on or after January 1, 2015, including in a holdover capacity, must file a financial statement under section 11.0641 for the 2014 calendar yearGA-1082
Financial statement, school district trustee who resigned and whose successor has been duly qualified and sworn into office prior to January 1, 2015, is not required to file for 2014 under Education Code section 11.0641GA-1082
Financial statements of school district trustees - posting on district websiteKP-069
Financial statements under chapter 572, Government Code, board members of the Tobacco Settlement Permanent Trust Account Investment Advisory Committee, are not required to file GA-0611
Former member of Polygraph Examiners Board prohibited from appearing before Board to sponsor intern before second anniversary of departureDM-0223
Insurance Code provision barring former general counsel of Department of Insurance from appearing before Department, whether forbids appearance on his own behalfLO95-079
Legislator may represent person in administrative license revocation hearing only if legislator has previously represented person in criminal proceeding arising out of same factsGA-0170
Lottery Commission, constitutionality of statute prohibiting a member of the Lottery Commission from coercing, attempting to coerce, or advising a person to contribute for political purposes; application to political fundraising eventsGA-0647
Mere adoption of list of various entities and relationships provided by the local governmental entity, person subject to chapter 176 of Local Government Code does not "describe" the required relationships and affiliations and therefore does not comply with chapter 176 GA-0446
Persons acting as agents of legal entities are independently subject to disclosure requirements of chapter 176, Local Government CodeGA-0446
Political contribution consisting of individual's personal service, candidate/officeholder does not have to report if individual is not compensated for the serviceLO97-094
Political expenditure, amount must be determined by person making the expenditure before it is reportableLO97-094
Practice of supplementing income as commissioned peace officer by working off-duty as private security officer is not a violation of section 36.07 of Penal Code, which prohibits acceptance of honoraria by public servantsGA-0256
Professional service contracts, disclosure requirements of chapter 176 of Local Government Code apply toGA-0446
Providing incomplete list of the various entities and relationships provided by the local governmental entity, person subject to chapter 176 of Local Government Code does not "identify and describe" all of the required relationships and affiliations and therefore does not comply with chapter 176GA-0446
Public servant, payment by private association of public officials to its immediate past president as prohibited honoraria or giftGA-0354
Recusal, rule requiring written explanation of recusal exceeds Railroad Commission's authorityJC-0418
Review officer to a standing preliminary review committee, pursuant to subsection 161.1551(b)(2) of the Local Government Code a member of a county ethics commission may not be aGA-0898
Rider that requires official to file financial statements with his board exceeds statutory directive and is therefore invalidDM-0081
Rules 1.06 and 1.08 of the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure may advise against assistant county or assistant district attorney from practicing as criminal defense attorney in federal court or in state courts of neighboring countiesGA-0716
Soliciting political contributions in personal as well as official capacity, statute constitutionally prohibits members of Lottery Commission fromDM-0408
Staff of Ethics Commission can interview third-party witnesses concerning facts of situation leading to filing sworn complaint without violation of statute making complaint confidentialGA-0035
Standards of conduct, rule prescribing standards of conduct exceeds Railroad Commission's authorityJC-0418
State Board of Education, under section 7.103(c), Education Code, a person who is a lobbyist and who communicates directly with the legislative or executive branch to influence legislation or administrative action in or on behalf of a profession, business, or association that pertains to or is associated or connected with any of the statutorily enumerated powers or duties of the State Board of Education is not eligible to serve on theGA-0876
Official Misconduct
Fines collected by justice of the peace, justice who does not "immediately" deposit with county treasurer may be prosecuted for abuse of official capacity or removed from officeDM-0396
Restitution for dishonored check collected by justice of the peace, justice may be removed from office for official misconduct if misappliesDM-0396