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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Appeal of justice court ruling, appellant who files affidavit of inability to pay costs need not pay the Rule 143a cost to perfectDM-0449
Appointment of counsel for criminal defendant, constitutionality of article 1.051(c) of Code of Criminal Procedure requiring that counsel for indigent criminal defendant be appointed within one day of defendant's request in populous counties and within thJC-0549
Appointment of counsel for criminal defendant, constitutionality of statutory indigency standard forJC-0549
Attorney appointed by court to represent indigent defendant, county with public defender's office must pay court-ordered fee toLO97-063
County indigent health care, commissioners court authority to adopt eligibility requirementsKP-059
Cremation of paupers' remains, commissioners court's authority to provide forGA-0301
Deceased pauper's remains, county must provide for disposition of in accordance with county rulesJC-0228
Deceased paupers, authority of county to purchase and maintain land for burial ofGA-0235
Procedural due process under the Mathews v. Eldridge factors, an indigent parent in termination proceeding is entitled to non-appellate transcripts of hearings and depositions when required byGA-0461