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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Confidential identifying information about patients; hospitals may disclose to Texas Health Care Information Council without patient's written authorizationJC-0508
Criminal case information compiled in a computerized database is not confidential criminal history informationGA-0566
Health information, federal standards for privacy of individually identifiableJC-0411
Information encoded in magnetic stripe on a driver's license, retailer recordingGA-0464
Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention is authorized to require local service providers to submit information about children and their families for the purpose of evaluating federally and state funded programs but may not redisclose the inforJC-0561
Internet, publishing clerk records on the Internet GA-0519
Photograph from driverís license, whether Driverís Privacy Protection Act and Texas implementing legislation permits disclosure on internet for law enforcement purposesGA-0789
Records, confidentiality of social security number in clerk records; redaction; certification GA-0519
Seal or redact information that is the subject of a nondisclosure order, under certain circumstances section 411.081 of the Government Code would not require the Texas Board of Nursing toGA-0919
Social security number, the Public Information Act provides for the confidentiality of social security numbers of living persons, exempts such SSNs from disclosure requirements under the Act, and authorizes a clerk to redact such numbers from public information to be disclosed under the Act without seeking an attorney general decision. GA-0519
Social security number, whether Real Estate Commission may refuse to renew license because of licensee's failure to discloseDM-0286
Social security number, whether tax assessor-collector may refuse to issue certificate of title to applicant who refuses to discloseLO96-093
Social security numbers of its licensees or applicants, the Board of Physical Therapy Examiners may not provide to a national organization of licensing authoritiesGA-0914
Surveillance of student locker rooms by videoLO95-034