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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Bond proceeds approved by the voters in an election can only be used for those projects and cannot be applied to other projects.KP-046
County labor and equipment to open and close graves in a private cemetery, an individual county commissioner may not useJC-0329
County labor and equipment, a commissioners court, acting on behalf of the county, may use solely for a public purposeJC-0329
Disposition of remaining assets of an abolished municipality to a nonprofit corporationKP-035
Guaranteed charter district bonds, limitation contained in Texas Government Code section 45.0532KP-005
Investment pool authority to form and invest in a subsidiary, select its directors, incorporate under laws of another stateKP-022
It is likely a court would conclude that, absent a constitutional amendment, a county may not form and operate a county energy transportation reinvestment zone ("CETRZ"), a tax increment reinvestment zone ("TIRZ"), or a transportation reinvestment zone ("TRZ") to the extent that doing so utilizes a pledge of the captured increment of ad valorem taxes to fund a county tax increment reinvestment zone.KP-004
Tax increment financing, use by countiesGA-1076
Texas Constitution article III, section 49, any statutory provision that converted significant uncovered losses into state debt without voter approval could violateGA-1012
Texas Constitution article III, section 52 - a grant of public funds by municipal development district deciding to contract with private entity to perform functions related to civic center under Local Government Code chapter 377 must satisfy requirements of article III, section 52GA-1058
Texas Constitution article III, section 52 - Court is likely to conclude that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is not an "individual, association or corporation under article III, section 52.KP-008
Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company, state funds and Tex Pool funds held by may not be invested in direct security repurchase agreement contracts that contemplate the possibility of cash as collateralGA-0324
The community college system must determine, in good faith and subject to review for abuse of discretion, whether the reimbursement expenditure is primarily for a college system purpose and not merely for the trustee's personal interest and that the quo warranto proceeding involved actions taken by the trustee that were within the scope of his official duties.KP-040