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Lease, junior college district's authority to enter into long-term lease with religious organization that would construct student center, chapel, and other facilities on campusGA-0252
Permanent school fund, property recovered for may not be used to pay consideration to person who informed state of its claimDM-0316
Real property, state university’s conveyance of by exchange for historical papers or rights of access to property or by outright gift, consistent with article III, section 51 and 52 of the Texas ConstitutionGA-0894
County-owned motor vehicle, an elected official may not inscribe his or her name onLO97-112
Forfeited vehicle acquired prior to October 18, 1989 pursuant to Controlled Substances Act for which political subdivision has no use to be sold at sheriff's auctionJM-1184
Gubernatorial records held in alternative depository remain property of stateJC-0498
Legal custodian of artifacts removed before 1969 from lands owned by state or political subdivision of state, circumstances under which Texas Historical Commission isJC-0465
Official vehicle, incidental use by spouse of district attorney investigator is not misuse of government propertyLO97-083
Ownership of artifacts removed before and after 1969 from lands owned by state or political subdivision of stateJC-0465
School district lease-purchase contracts under Public Property Finance Act, applicable procurement proceduresGA-0494
Accrual of penalty and interest on delinquent ad valorem taxes after county purchases real propertyGA-0973
Acquisition or conveyance of state land, permissible only if authorized by legislatureLO96-106
Agricultural land acquired by state, whether subject to rollback taxDM-0448
Airport real property, county must sell or lease in compliance with public auction or, if applicable, sealed bid or sealed proposal requirementsLO95-066
All terrain vehicle or recreational off highway vehicle, county authority to establish its own system for registering of, for operation on a public beachGA-0934
Authority of the Aransas County Navigation District to have, maintain, and finance park and recreational facilitiesGA-0905
Authority to sell or lease certain real property and to use the resulting proceeds to provide community-based health, mental health, or mental retardation services, Spindletop Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services does not, under House Bill 1759 or House Bill 1023, haveGA-0779
Brazos River Authority, authority to offer lessees over 65 years of age lease rate discounts and rate freezes under general leasing authority and article III, section 52(a) of Texas ConstitutionGA-0599
Convey donated real property or an interest therein, the Department of Parks and Wildlife may only if it determines that ownership of the property is no longer in the Department's best interestGA-0182
Conveyance by private sale, section 49.226 of the Water Code authorizes a river authority to sell surplus land by private sale, providing an exception to the public sale requirements generally applicable to political subdivisionsGA-0371
County airport land, procedures applicable to lease for airport purposesGA-0190
County building, statutory procedures applicable to lease-purchase ofLO96-053
County park lands, county may acquire only within countyLO94-018
County property leased under section 263.007, Local Government Code, for an amount less than fair market value does not constitute a procedural violation that sectionGA-0706
County school land, authority of commissioners court to accept lease requiring lessee to make expenditures for land management and maintenanceGA-0958
County school lands, Chambers County may not contract with a bank to invest and manage its permanent school fundGA-0388
County school lands, constitutional authority of commissioners court as trustee ofJC-0399
County school lands, county and school districts may not jointly develop or sell mineral rights and natural resources fromGA-0616
Deed restrictions do not apply to property owned by Texas Southern UniversityGA-0249
Easement, article XVI, section 59 water district may lease excess capacity in fiber-optics cable installed in to private telecommunications company to operate pipelineJC-0179
Ellis County sale of former supercollider property, requirements applicable toLO98-003
Exchange of state land for private land, permissible only if authorized by legislatureLO96-106
Fair market value of city-owned lakeshore lot where purchaser is lesseeLO98-082
Forfeited property subject to administration under article 59.06(a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure is state propertyGA-0122
Forfeiture of real property to state-property exempt from taxation while title is in stateDM-0187
Free speech, transitory use of state-owned real property for expressive activity protected under state and federal constitutions is not an entrustment of state property for purposes of appropriations act prohibitionDM-0064
In Education Code subsection 12.128(c), the Legislature has set aside public property such that it is not unappropriated property for the Permanent School Fund under Education Code subsection 43.001(a)(2).KP-097
Independent school district trustees, authority to develop leased landGA-0496
Junior college district's authority to enter into long-term lease with religious organization that would construct student center, chapel, and other facilities on campusGA-0252
Land purchased by community college is not "school land" for purposes of article VII, section 6 of Texas Constitution, and may be sold or leased to private foundation only if particular use is a condition of saleLO97-076
Lease of county coliseum for concession with provision allowing assignment of contract and option to extend lease term, county's authority to enter intoLO98-057
Lease of office space, findings that commissioners court must make to lease vacant office space to title company for certain functions and to permit private attorney to practice in the spaceLO98-091
Long term lease of school district land to private entity, an independent school district has implied authority to lease school land to a private entity, but in leasing school property the board of trustees may not (i) permit uses of the property that wouGA-0321
Municipal hospital authority, permissibility of lease of real property to a private entity to operate a bank, restaurant, or drugstoreLO96-057
Municipal park land, authority of municipality to sell, standing of private individual to challenge saleLO97-057
Municipal park land, municipality may not convey to University of Texas for less than fair market valueDM-0441
Municipal utility system, municipality need not reimburse ratepayers if it diverts real property originally purchased for expansion ofLO98-058
Municipality's lease of its mineral property, subchapter A, chapter 71 of the Natural Resources Code irreconcilably conflicts with section 253.005 of the Local Government Code; section 253.005 is the more specific enactment and therefore prevailsGA-0441
New school development, authority of independent school district trustees to pay impact feesGA-0496
Park land, conveyance by municipality to hospital districtDM-0232
Permanent school fund, statute authorizing General Land Office to select a tract of state-owned land to place in exchange for tract to be patented out lacks sufficient standards to be constitutional delegation of authorityJM-1242
Permanent University Fund land leased for grazing, whether water improvement district may taxDM-0374
Public beach, legality of operation of an all terrain vehicle or recreational off highway vehicleGA-0934
Public road, abandonment of by vote of commissioners court vests title in abutting property ownersLO94-053
Publicly owned property used for public purposes, the Karnes County Correctional Center is exempt from ad valorem taxation if center isLO98-028
Real property acquired by condemnation, federal government may change public use ofLO96-122
Resale of property purchased at tax sale, county may conduct privateJM-1232
Sale of building located on a city street to a private entityGA-1084
Sale of land owned by school district, use of proceedsDM-0260
School district agreement to improve property not owned or leased by school district, operation of statute prohibitingGA-0596
School district lease-purchase contracts under Public Property Finance Act, applicable procurement proceduresGA-0494
State Highway 165 within the State Cemetery, the State Cemetery Committee is to determine in the first instance and subject to judicial review the exact scope of its operational authority, and whether that authority necessarily includes the power to regulate bicycles onGA-0899
State land federal government wishes to lease, whether special act of the legislature is required to conveyGA-0270
State land, authority of governor to convey to federal government to construct a federal courthouseGA-0270
Submerged land granted by state to Corpus Christi contingent on filling land by July 1, 1965; whether city's failure to fill caused title to revert to state or only created right of re-entryLO98-017
Submerged lands owned by state, conveyance to city requires compensation to permanent school fundJC-0069
Submerged real property bordering Gulf of Mexico is presumed to belong to StateLO90-089
Tax exemption of foreclosed properties in the Veterans' Housing Assistance ProgramGA-0026
Taxation of property owned by city, school, or junior college district but leased to private party or another political subdivisionDM-0188
Texas Constitution article III, sections 51 and 52(a) prohibit the Commissioner of Education from gratuitously granting property returned to the State pursuant to Education Code section 12.128 to private interests.KP-097
Thermal energy plant built for a building complex is a "facility" under subchapter H, chapter 271 of the Local Government CodeGA-0070
Utility system property, system holds as agent of municipality; municipality has ultimate authority to determine use and disposal ofDM-0444