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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Antiquities Code, land owned by Fort Bend Flood Control Water Supply Corporation as subject toLO95-011
Customer's account records, government-operated utility generally may not disclose personal information from to person or entity that welcomes newcomersLO93-108
Delegation to municipal utility system board may not exceed power to "manage and control" systemDM-0444
Deregulation of electric utility industry, legislative policy making confidential competitively sensitive information does not affect utility property owner's right of access to information used by appraisal district or private appraisal firm to appraise JC-0424
El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board may not impose impact fees for water and wastewater infrastructure in El Paso and its extraterritorial jurisdictionGA-0434
Electric services to state buildings, whether General Services Commission may contract with City of Austin forLO95-049
Excavate underground storage facility, excavator must notify notification center only once of plan toJC-0234
Exemption under section 104.202 of Utilities Code, state agency must contract to use annual average of 100 Mcf per day of natural gas in order to quality for the GA-0610
Extend lines to private residential subdivision, home-rule municipality may provide its own laborers and equipment toJC-0368
Impact fees, assessment and collection of impact fees adopted after June 20, 1987 GA-0577
Impact fees, municipal water rights fees asGA-0482
Local governments may not enter into interlocal contract to agree to deny utility and landfill services to customers who are delinquent in payments to other parties to the agreementJC-0219
Municipal drainage utility system, an interlocal contract between a county and a municipality that has adopted a may not authorize the county to assess a drainage charge on behalf of the municipalityGA-0366
Municipally owned utility and establishment of board member qualifications, which can include out-of-city representation. Under Local Government Code chapter 552.122, a city has authority to adopt an ordinance providing for a board of trustees to manage and control itsGA-1031
Nuclear decommissioning, the Public Funds Investment Act would not govern a municipal utility's authority to invest nuclear decommissioning trust funds derived from charges paid by the selling utility's customersGA-0257
Payment by a governmental entity to a municipally owned utility company must be made in accordance with the deadlines and penalties set in Government Code sections 2251.021 and 2251.025GA-0429
Permit to connect utilities to single lot in unapproved subdivision located in city's extraterritorial jurisdiction, city may not issue unless applicable platting requirements have been complied withLO93-106
Platting requirements, utilities subject to section 232.0074 of Local Government Code need not comply with to continue serving land connected to utility before September 1, 1989LO93-116
Political subdivision, Fort Bend Flood Control Water Supply Corporation asLO95-011
Real property originally purchased for future expansion of municipal utility system, municipality need not reimburse ratepayers if it divertsLO98-058
Right-of-way, county's authority to permit public utilities to use does not entail authority to permit third parties to use for private benefitJC-0238
Tax imposed by municipality included in water user's bill dedicated to maintenance of fire fighting equipment, general-law municipality has no statutory authority to levyGA-0084
Utility company contracting with a county to collect the fees for the county’s solid waste disposal under Subsection 364.034(d)(2), Health and Safety Code, is authorized to suspend its own utility service for nonpayment of the county’s solid waste disposal feeGA-0770
Waiver of deposit for United States Navy personnel by gas or electric utility company, permissibility ofLO93-040
Water and sewer service to disannexed territory, general-law municipality may discontinueLO96-087
Water supply and sewer systems, provision in economically distressed areasGA-0411
Excavation permit ordinance, whether chapter 283 of the Local Government Code requires that it to apply to other utilities or entitiesJC-0331
Fiber-optics cable installed to operate regional water district's pipeline, water district may lease to private telecommunications company excess capacity inJC-0179
Gross receipts assessment imposed by Public Utility Regulatory Act, all public utilities subject to jurisdiction of the Act are subject toJM-1280
Ultimate consumers, interexchange carriers are not "ultimate consumers" under the Public Utility Regulatory Act if local access charges are passed through to their subscribersJM-1280