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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Catalogue purchase procedure, General Services Commission acquisition of telecommunications servicesDM-0375
Federal cooperative purchasing program whereby U.S. General Services Administration would make federal supply schedules available to state and local governments, effect of repeal on state purchasing provisionsJC-0230
Job order contracting method of procurement, authority of Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County to useGA-1028
Professional Services Procurement Act applies to services obtained by prime contractor that are a component part of a governmental contractJC-0374
Professional Services Procurement Act authorizes a county to require prospective contractors to submit disclosure statements regarding their business relationships with county officers and employeesJC-0521
Professional Services Procurement Act does not require professional to determine whether potential contract subject to Act's competitive bidding prohibitionJC-0374
School district may not participate in political subdivision corporation established to aggregate political subdivisions' purchase of electricity if contract valued at $25,000 or more in the aggregate for a twelve-month periodJC-0492
School district, purchasing methods for purchases valued at $25,000 or more in the aggregate for a twelve-month periodJC-0037
Commissioners court's authority to hire persons to perform purchasing functionsJC-0264
Contracts for work performed and paid for by the day, restrictions on exemption from competitive bidding forLO98-015
County pruchase and resale of construction or other heavy equipment, applicability of competitive bidding statutesGA-0628
Culverts and road sign components, fact question whether county may purchase separately and not under competitive bidding lawsLO94-087
Design-build contract, a county may use to construct a thermal energy plant built for a building complex as a "facility" under subchapter H, chapter 271 of the Local Government CodeGA-0070
Jail facility, a county does not have implied authority to enter into a sale and leaseback of property to acquire a thermal energy plant in connection with aGA-0070
Professional Services Procurement Act, county auditor has principal duty of requiring county to conform toJC-0266
Purchasing Agent, commissioners court's authority to appointJC-0264
Local engineering firms, home-rule city is prohibited from giving preference to in awarding contractsLO93-073
Temporary day labor agency to provide day laborers for city garbage collection service, exemption from competitive bidding statute for contract withJC-0281
Transfer public land to private party using industrial development corporation as an intermediary, city may notGA-0004
Community-based mental health or mental retardation services, Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation's must accomplish through State Purchasing and General Services Commission a purchase or lease of property to be used in connection withJM-1252
Computer purchases, catalogue purchasing procedures prevail over Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities mandatory purchasing programDM-0496
Professional Services Procurement Act, Board of Architectural Examiners has principal duty of enforcing against its registrantsJC-0266
Professional Services Procurement Act, Comptroller has principal duty of requiring state agencies to conform toJC-0266
State procurement and contracting rules, Border Health Institute need not comply withGA-0280