Office of the Attorney General
State of Texas

May 30, 1990

Mr. Larry H. Jones
Olney Public Schools
Olney, Texas 76374

Letter Opinion No. 90-030

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for your letter of May 14, 1990, requesting an opinion of this office on the applicability of the nepotism statute to relatives of half blood. Specifically, you ask whether the half sister of a school board member may be hired as school cafeteria manager.

The nepotism statute prohibits an officer of a school district from appointing a person related to him within a prohibited degree. V.T.C.S. art. 5996a, s 1. There is no distinction under the nepotism statute between half blood and full blood relations. Thus, half blood relationships fall within the same degree as those of the full blood. Attorney General Opinions 0-6259 (1945); O-3016 (1941); see also Attorney General Opinion JM-581 (1986) (common law method is proper method for computing degrees of kinship).

Therefore, the fact that the school board member and the applicant for cafeteria manager are related only by half blood does not remove them from the prohibitions of the nepotism statute.

      Very truly yours,

      Sarah Woelk
      Letter Opinion Section

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