Office of the Attorney General
State of Texas

December 17, 1990

Honorable Becky B. McPherson
District Attorney
Floyd County
110th Judicial District
Floyd County Courthouse
Floydada, Texas 79235

Opinion No. JM-1249-A

Re: Supervisory authority of a district court over a commissioners court with regard to the transfer of funds from a county attorney to a district attorney (RQ-2068)

Dear Ms. McPherson:

Attorney General Opinion No. JM-1249 is withdrawn in its entirety. We will advise you later as to the manner in which we will proceed in this matter.

      Very truly yours,

      Mattox signature

      Jim Mattox
      Attorney General of Texas

      Mary Keller
      First Assistant Attorney General

      Lou McCreary
      Executive Assistant Attorney General

      Judge Zollie Steakley
      Special Assistant Attorney General

      Renea Hicks
      Special Assistant Attorney General

      Rick Gilpin
      Chairman, Opinion Committee

      Prepared by
      Rick Gilpin
      Assistant Attorney General

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