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Volume I Number II
Letter from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
Dear Advocates:
We asked our partners for their thoughts on restitution and court cost collection for this issue of our Victim Services Newsletter. We are also featuring an article on legislative amendments to the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund (the Fund)....
Crime Victim Restitution:
Probation's Link to the Community

What a simple concept: a criminal offender placed on community supervision (probation) must pay the victim of his or her crime for losses sustained as a result of the crime. Now take that single concept...

Restitution and the Dallas County
District Attorney's Office

The Dallas County Criminal District Attorney's Office takes seriously its responsibility to Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC). We have put in place several measures to help inform and, when appropriate, reimburse CVC. The Restitution Notices that CVC...

New Law Focuses on the Collection of
Court Costs, Fees and Fines

Collecting these funds is about more than lost revenue. These uncollected dollars represent many thousands of court orders, issued by judges and ignored by lawbreakers. Ultimately, the taxpayers and citizens of every community in the state pay...

2006 National Crime Victims' Rights Week
April 23-29, 2006

The theme of this year's crime victim rights week is Victims' Rights: Strength in Unity. Please click the "Office for Victims of Crime" (DOJ/OVC) link, at the top of this page for more information, or directly access the Victim Rights Week web...

Restitution Frequently Asked Questions:
Restitution is paid by the offender to the victim. In a criminal case, restitution is requested by the prosecution and ordered by the judge. Presentence reports and victim impact statements provide an opportunity for the victim to detail losses and...

Restitution and the Dallas Community
Supervision and Corrections Department

The issue of restitution in the criminal justice system is not always just about the monetary figure for the victim; it is also a matter of the court system ensuring that offenders are being held accountable for their actions. The district attorney...

Legislative Highlights: Compensation to
Victims of Crime Fund Legislation

We have compiled a partial list of legislative measures that impact the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund and our constituents. We appreciate the work of the Legislature, our advisory council members, our...

Online Resources for
Crime Victim Services Providers

The Office for Victims of Crime and the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, both administered by the United States Department of Justice, have brought victim assistance collaboration into the...

Crime Victim Services Division Annual Report
The majority of the revenue in the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund comes from courts costs. Restitution also brings revenue to the Fund and is an essential victim right. Please access our Crime Victim Services Division 2005 Annual Report to see how these funds are returned to your communities in the form of compensation benefits and valuable services provided by grant programs.

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