Dear Advocates:

We asked our partners for their thoughts on restitution and court cost collection for this issue of our Victim Services Newsletter. We are also featuring an article on legislative amendments to the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund (the Fund). The House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence will be conducting an interim study during 2006 on applicable laws governing the payment of restitution to victims of crime, the way it is collected, and the way it is disbursed to victims and to the Fund.

The Texas Legislature gave us the support we needed from the Fund to provide more than $85 million in compensation benefits on behalf of victims and to distribute more than $36 million in grants to organizations offering services to victims last year. However, we still must ensure the solvency of the Fund for the future. As advocates, you have a vital role in educating the Legislature about the needs of Texas victims.

Our newsletter continues to evolve and now offers direct links to the Office for Victims of Crime and National Criminal Justice Reference Service websites. Thank you for your kind words about our first issue and please keep your comments and suggestions coming.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas