Victim Impact

A great new resource for victims and advocates, "Victim Impact: Listen and Learn" is now available from the US Department of Justice/ Office for Victims of Crime.

The "Victim Impact: Listen and Learn" video/DVD features vignettes of 14 victims/survivors sharing their experiences-how they were victimized, the short- and long-term impact of their victimization on themselves, as well as their families and friends, and their suggestions for holding offenders accountable for their crimes. A range of types of victimization is presented by victims/survivors who are diverse by age, gender, culture and geography. This wonderful video/DVD will also be incorporated into an upcoming "Impact of Crime on Victims" curriculum for adult and youthful offenders.

The video/DVD can be ordered from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service web site at or just click the NCJR button at the top of the page. Then select Publications/Products from the top of the page and then click on the "V" to be taken directly to the "Victim Impact: Listen and Learn" link. The DVD order number is NCJ 202905 and the VHS order number is NCJ 202904. There is a $12.25 fee, per copy, which includes shipping and handling.

Also, the Justice Solutions organization has created a Discussion Guide to accompany the video/DVD. This Discussion Guide offers questions for individual or group responses, based upon each victimís experiences and commentary. To download a copy of the Discussion Guide, go to