Dear Advocates:

My travels across the state have given me the opportunity to meet many of our partners and see firsthand the vitally important impact your work has on the lives of crime victims. Last year we awarded more than $85 million in benefits on behalf of crime victims. We did so with your help - crisis centers, service providers, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutor's offices who gave out program information and applications, sent in reports, and assisted with follow-up and referrals.

We feature a case from Collin County as an example of this local and state coordination. In response to your requests, we are providing more detail about our Crime Victims' Compensation Program in this and future issues. We are also beginning a new section for advocates on how to better care for yourselves.

Please let us know your questions, comments, and success stories. Your issues and solutions may well provide answers for other communities and advocates. Thank you again for your dedication and for making a difference in so many lives.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas